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Delta PRO Firmware Review

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On 11th of April 2022 Ecoflow release firmware version for the DeltaPRO with the following fixes:

  1. Smart Home Panel related functions are added.
  2. The problem of relay clicking repeatedly in dim light conditions (especially in the morning and evening) is optimized.
  3. Wifi intensity display is added in the latest app version 2.8.
  4. Unbalanced battery distribution of DeltaPRO and extra battery when discharging at low power is optimized.

The update system is still chaotic as sometimes you find an update pop up in the app when you’re inside the DeltaPRO tab, in the Settings > Firmware sections while other times you will only find it in the account settings > Firmware

For the first time I had a very bumpy ride trying to update my DeltaPRO with multiple failures and even at one time the DeltaPRO was not reacting or turning on. The LCD was OFF but luckily after a few minutes I was able to connect to it through bluetooth via the app (LCD was still off and nothing would turn on).

Non-knowledgeable customers will have a big scare and will perceive the DeltaPRO as an unfinished product so I hope that Ecoflow will polish the experience in future updates.

Sadly I can’t test 1 & 4 as I don’t have either. I’ve reached out to Ecoflow to see if they can lend me an Extra Battery to do proper testing of all the reported issues by the customers but for the time being it won’t happen… 🙁

As for the fix for number 2, I can confirm that, in my case with my DP and setup, it isn’t fixed and somehow it got worse, as in the clicking sequence got faster/more aggressive. Please check this video for DAWN and this one for DUSK. Hopefully the clever engineers at Ecoflow will be able to figure it out or at least give us a “lab” option to input our specific voltages or times of day or even better an automatic option to enable the relay when we are X minutes past dawn and then disconnect when the mppt controller disconnects for the first time and we are near or past dusk time.

Other things to report for this FW update:

  • The below 40W bug is not fixed; when the input goes below 40W it won’t get reported by the DP even if it is still being used.
  • The MPPT controller still has the 1.285W hard limit for my setup and I’ve already uncovered why it happens so stay tuned for my upcoming 4 months review of the DeltaPRO where I’ll explain everything in detail (hint: it doesn’t look good at all…)
  • The fan management system is still as broken as the first day.
  • I’ve also noticed that the DeltaPRO has now a hard time to properly balance cells especially when the battery is full/100% and not discharging. In all the previous firmwares the DeltaPRO would always balance all cells to be at 99.70% “Cell-level Balance Efficiency” as per my program that pulls data directly from the DeltaPRO.
  • On a positive note, the capacity detection algorithm is a lot more aggressive now so there’s no need to do deep cycles to reset the reported capacity. I’ve noticed that it resets itself to almost full capacity (3.648/3.684W) by itself after 4 to 5 shallow cycles. Congratulations! Actually the algorithm is a lot worse now and even with a full drain to 0% it will not reset it’s values….
  • I couldn’t test the new Lab Feature “AC Always ON” as I run & charge my DP exclusively from SOLAR but what I can tell you is that when the battery reaches 0% and AC/Inverter turns off, when solar charge starts again the next day, the AC/Inverter will not turn on again; that would be great to have.
  • It also seems like this FW does not charge the battery to the brim like previous versions (3.684W) but is a lot more conservative in it’s estimates and reaches at most about 95% of pack voltage capacity compared to previous version; 52.80V down to 52.00V which is about 200W of lost capacity!. After multiple cycles this issue is still persistent.
  • A new issue I’m seeing now is that the MPPT controller will have a hard time engaging especially when the battery is almost full so now I can’t use the “remote disconnection trick” as it won’t engage again until I disconnect the cable and reconnect. Sometimes I have to do it multiple times for it to finally engage.

All in all, in my specific case, I’ve lost usable capacity compared to previous FW so it turns out this is a really bad FW update and I wish I knew beforehand so I would skip this one.

I’ve offered multiple times to help their engineers debug and fix the current issues to make the DeltaPRO an outstanding product but after this last firmware update, I’m a lot more weary of updating again so for the next one I’ll wait a few weeks before updating anything.

It’s good that Ecoflow is releasing multiple updates but I think they will have to do a lot more to improve their current flagship to make it a top tier product.

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